Frequently Asked Questions

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What size are your products?

For each product, you will find a detailed size guide in the description. If there is no size guide, the product is one size fits all (e.g. caps or tote bags).

Can I return or exchange my order?

This depends on the type of your order.

  1. If you order something from stock, e.g. a limited edition t-shirt, you have a 14-day period during which you are free to return your order for a refund. It’s important to note, however, that this is a small business and I cannot offer free return shipping, so you will have to pay for the postage yourself and will be refunded only the order price, not the postage. 
  2. If you order a product that is printed on-demand, returns cannot be accepted as the product was specifically printed for you. In the rare case that the product has some obvious defect, you will of course be offered an exchange/refund. Please get in touch through if this is the case.

To find out if your item belongs to (1) or (2), check the info in the product description. Moreover, I strongly recommend you double-check the size guide on each product page to avoid returns altogether.

How long does shipping take?

As some goods are only being printed after ordering, you can expect 3 - 10 working days
domestically (within Germany) and 5 - 18 working days internationally, depending on where you live. Within the EU, you can generally expect shipping to be quicker than for the rest of the world.

Why don’t you offer faster delivery?

Limited edition items are being mailed by myself and I usually manage to do so within one day. How fast it is delivered then depends on the carrier.

For products that are printed on-demand, however, things are a little different: Before your item is shipped, it has to be sourced and printed. How fast this goes, depends on whether the print shop has the item in stock or needs to order it first. If it’s in stock, it will be sent out fairly quickly. If not, it might take a couple of days longer. I appreciate your understanding and patience!



Long version:

There are big print-on-demand companies that do have faster delivery times. I have tested them and, while the shipping times were good, the print quality was not as I would have wanted it, and most of the providers lacked in terms of fabric quality and sustainability. Fortunately, I found a local company that provides excellent quality and surpasses the bigger providers not only in sustainability, but also in print and fabrics. Since they are a small business, however, shipping takes longer, as they only source the blanks once an order comes in. This longer production process is something I have consciously chosen over the fast-fashion approach of some of the bigger companies and would be super happy if you support me in this decision with your patience :)

Can I cancel my order?

If you have made a mistake and want to cancel your order, you can do so. Since most products are specifically printed for you once you order, however, please be aware that your cancellation has to be made as soon as possible by sending an email to

The deadline for cancellation is 12 hours after order confirmation.

What about customs fees?

For orders outside the European Union, custom fees may apply depending on the destination country. How these fees are calculated depends on the country you are ordering from. Custom fees have to be paid by the customer. Thus, it’s recommended to inquire in advance about the due date and amount of any potential customs duties.

Do you also offer design X as Y?

You like a t-shirt, but would rather have it as an art print, hoodie, etc.? Let me know through and I'll see what I can do!

My checkout shows multiple shipping costs - why is that? 

The shipping costs depend on the product you’re ordering. Since some products are shipped from different locations, your order might show multiple shipping costs. For example: If you order a limited edition t-shirt, I will be sending out this t-shirt myself, and you will be charged for shipping. If you also order an art print, this print will be shipped out directly by the print shop from a different location, and the print shop will charge you accordingly.

Your question isn't answered here?

No worries! Shoot me an email at and we'll sort it out together :)